Today, March 1st, 2012, marks my late grandmother’s 90th birthday.

She had passed when I was ten years old after a valiant, extended battle with cancer. She was a very gifted seamstress, quilter and baker. She brought joy to many with her giving nature. She was selfless and generous to everyone in every way.

The more I look back, the more I realize she was the perfect Grandmother. She always made sure you had a fresh, warm treat in your belly and a nice cozy blanket to cuddle up to. I have fond memories of spending long summer days with her in my grandparents’ back yard, racing paper boats down the old creek. Whenever my playtime would have need for a specific object, (be it a cape, a puppet, a baby doll blanket) she would jump on the opportunity to sew one for me.

I post this here because as I grow older, the memories of my grandma begin to fade. I miss her a lot and I fear I’ll one day forget everything about her. She was a wonderful, amazing woman..And I don’t want to forget the kind of superwoman she was.

I love you, grandma..

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